Best Ergonomic Mouse For Carpel Tunnel

You may hear Carpal Tunnel word many times from your friends and other surrounding people. Or you already know many people with this carpal tunnel syndrome. But probably you don’t know what exactly it is. So in this post, I’ll discuss about this pain and also suggest you the Ergonomic Mouse for Carpal Tunnel.

The meaning of Carpal is wrist bones. And you can say that the tunnel is a hand place which you use to drive the car. When we merge them it is clear that carpal tunnel is round tube in your wrist that many things go through.

The reason of carpal tunnel pain is mouse. Yes, most people ignore that the mouse they used cause their hand pain. Many people have to use mouse to complete their office or home work. The shape of normal mouse can be dangerous for some people many times. Normal mouse position can harm your wrist because you have move the mouse with unnatural positions many time.

So in such situation, ergonomic mouse for carpal tunnel can help you out. Let’s read a detail review about it so you can understand well about this mouse.

Ergonomic Mouse for Carpal Tunnel:

In normal mouse you have to physically move your whole arm to move the mouse but in ergonomic mouse, you just move the cursor with your thumb instead of your whole arm. It gives you 360 angles which mean the less use of your arm. It gives your arm more rest and in the end your arm will be safe from carpal tunnel.

According to research we find out that logictech mx ergo is the best mouse for you. It comes with a track ball and its position is best for your thumb. You can easily control the track ball. You just have to place your hand in it. No need to move your whole arm. The mouse is wireless and rechargeable. With wireless system, you don’t need to use mouse at specific place. You can use this mouse at every place. Some extra features are at bellow.


  1. Precision scroll-wheel with tilt and middle click allows for precise scrolling and convenient controls such as horizontal scrolling.
  2. Battery holds power for up to 4 months on a full charge. One minute of charge gives up to a full day of use.
  3. Logitech’s most advanced wireless trackball for Windows PC and Mac requires 20% less muscular strain than a regular computer mouse.
  4. Unique adjustable hinge allows you to customize the trackball angle from 0 to 20 degrees for a more natural, comfortable hand position.
  5. Carefully sculpted shape gives your hand full palm and finger support, while the soft rubber on the top ensures a comfortable grip for long hours of work.
  6. Advanced optical tracking for accurate cursor control plus a precision mode button that lets you instantly switch between speed and high precision tracking.


With these features, this ergonomic mouse is costly for some people. But this mouse will help you out in your work. You can work even better with it. Just think if your hand will smoothly and easily control the mouse, wouldn’t you enjoy your work? So you’ll have to manage some money and go for this mouse. This mouse will definitely amaze you and you’ll forget about its cost. As we all know that health is first so you must use this mouse. You can buy this mouse from online market because you can find a discount or deal at there. And also, mouse will cheap a little bit in online store. Now everything is in front of you and you can make a better decision.

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