Nova Launcher Prime Version 5.5.3 (Best Launcher For Android)

For Modern Android smart phones Nova Launcher is one of the widely polished customized and original launcher. Comparing to other launchers on android plat form Nova Launcher is the king among all. There are thousands of features of Nova Launcher which makes it the best among others. Nova Launcher prime has one of the best and simple users interface and contains a lot of customized features to set the app according to your own specific and unique needs. Nova Launcher Prime is one of the most widely used launcher.

Unique Features Of Nova Launcher Prime:

The following are the basic and unique features of Nova Launcher Prime.

  • Gestures: use different gestures such as swipe, pinch, single or double tap on the icons of the launcher to open and access your favorite apps and games.
  • Unread Counts: in Nova Launcher Prime all the unread messages whether they are received in facebook messenger, gamil account, cell phone inbox are counted and notified to you continuous basis. Nova Launcher Prime uses TeslaUnread plugin for this feature.
  • Custom drawer Groups: with Nova Launcher prime you can create different tabs in in the app drawer and place different apps according to your specific need. Make a tab or create group of regularly used apps in your smart phone to access it easily without wasting any time.
  • Hidden Apps: with Nova Launcher prime you can easily place the apps far away from your eye site which are rarely used by you.
  • Icon Swipes: with Nova launcher prime you can set custom actions for shortcuts for accessing different apps and files.
  • More Scroll Effects: Nova launcher Prime enables you to use different advance scroll for using your smart phone like throw, accordion, wipe, scroll to sides, and swiping your finger.

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